Write it down

Hi friends! I was cleaning out my drawers recently and found this. I thought it would bring encouragement and show you just how amazing our God truly is! About 2 1/2 years ago my husband and I were going through a tough time financially. He had been laid off of work for almost a year and i was expecting our second child. It was a very difficult time but we were trusting in God to meet our needs and knew that He had a plan greater than we could comprehend. I felt the Lord during this time instruct me to write down what at the time was a dream job for my family. Habakkuk 2:2-3 (paraphrasing) tells us to write our vision out and when the appointed time comes It will not be delayed. I wrote it down, prayed and joined in prayer with people I knew I could trust to bind in prayer together with us. After writing this down my husband was contacted a few months later letting him know that he not only got the job but that it would also be the exact shift we had been wanting. A shift that would work for both our family and allow us to still do ministry. I just want to encourage someone today that there is Nothing God cannot do!!! Trust in Him and He will never leave you nor forsake you!!



Updates :)


Hi Everyone!!!  I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written an update on here and I apologize for that. Things have been very busy and I can’t complain. Since my last post a lot of very exiting things have been going on. This past November my Christmas single “Savior” was released to national radio! The Lord really had His hand upon the song and allowed it to reach so many people! I am truly humbled by the response that it received. It was also featured on a compilation CD through Shamrock Media Group with some exceptional artists that I greatly admire like Becca Shae, Shaun Groves and many others. I am so thankful for all of the ministry doors that the Lord has opened and continues to open. All this news is very exiting but I have something even more exiting to share with all of you…My husband (Jonathan) and I recently found out that we will be expecting our second child at the beginning of October!! We are so exited and thankful for this gift the Lord has given us! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!!!! God bless! :)

Praise Report!!

Here is a list of all the stations that have exported/added “Restored” since the release last week!! Thank you so much to all of the stations who are currently playing and considering playing the song! God is so good and this is ALL Him! #thankfultobeHisvessel


KGPF -Sulfer Springs, TX

CBS Radio – Nationwide

KLYN -Las Vegas, NV

WRGN – Sweet Valley, PA

X Music Online

WAWZ- Zarephath, NJ

LifeFM – Australia

KBCU – Bethel, KS

CFWC – Alberta, Canada

VOAR 1210 AM – Canada

WFST – Caribou, ME

WBVN – Carrier Mills, IL

WGGN/WJKW – Castalia, OH

Revival FM – Central Scotland

WRCM – Charlotte, NC

21AM – Coffs Harbor, Australia

Radio Double U – Columbia

KAJN – Crowley, LA

WZFJ – Dilworth, MN

WCTL, Eerie, PA

WECC – Folkston, GA

WAFG – Ft Lauderdale, FL

WPHN/WOLW – Gaylord, MI

Camillo 92.9 – Germany

Groot Niews Radio – Germany

KBLD – Kenniwick, WA

Lead Me To The Rock Radio

WLIR – Long Island, NY

WAWZ – New Jersey

WTOT – Miranna, FL

CJMB – Ontario, Canada

98.5 FM (6SON) – Pertha, West Australia

WVRR – Point Pleasant, WV

Radio Plus 105.1FM – Coventry, United Kingdom

WFEN – Rockford, IL, Madison WI

WCPL – Splangler, PA

KYLN – Lynden, WA

90.5FM – Ontario, Canada

CVCR 101.1FM- Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Jeremiah Media, Australia

MusicForHisGlory-Nashville, TN

Stroud 107.9FM-United Kingdom

Rhema 99.7 FM New Castle, NSW Australia

CIAM Cluster

Radio Doble U

Waggas Life FM- Waggas, NSW Australia

89.9 Light FM-VIC, Australia

KYTY-San Antonio, TX

94.3 Faith FM-Ontario, Canada

WBGW 101.5 FM-106.5 FM – Evansville-Owensboro, IN

WBHW 88.7 FM – Loogootee, IN

WBJW 91.7 FM – Albion, IN


91.7FM Champaign,IL

104.7FM Chicagoland,IL

88.5FM Terre Haute,IL

88.1FM Decatur,IL

88.1FM Charleston-Mattoon,IL


91.5FM Peoria,IL

98.9FM Bloomington,IL

100.5FM Galesburg,IL

88.7FM Sterling/Rock Falls,IL


91.1FM Carlinville/Riverbend,IL

90.5FM Springfield,IL

89.7FM Metro St. Louis,IL

89.7FM Mt. Vernon,IL

89.1FM Murphysboro,IL

91.7FM Vandalia,IL

93.9FM Effingham,IL

90.7FM Jacksonville,IL

90.1FM Granite City,IL

Family Life Network-(Frequencies)-

VOAR 1210 AM

Radio Shema 98.0FM-Turkey

Radio Maria-(frequencies)-

91.1FM Lake Charles,LA

89.7FM Natchitoches,LA

1360AM New Iberia,LA

580AM Alexandria,LA


Branch 101.8 FM- West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

106five Rhema FM- Woombye, Queensland

Highland 107.1 FM- Southern Highlands, New South Wales












New Radio single “Restored”

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to share some exiting news with you about all that God’s been doing. My first radio single “Restored” releases on August 20th and I couldn’t be more exited! It was in the top 20 most listened to songs by Christian radio programmers through play mpe. Be listening for it on your local Christian radio station very soon. :)

CFA National Talent Search

First I just have to say how awesome all of the people who support my ministry are! I cannot tell you enough what a blessing each and everyone of you truly are!! The band and I need YOUR help and I know that you will come through because you are awesome like that :) We have been placed in the 2011 CFA National Talent Search and are asking you to please vote once a day for the entire month of October. Registration is now open and voting starts tomorrow 10/1/11 and goes till 10/31/11. It costs nothing to vote!! Please follow the link below. Thank you all so much and may the Lord bless you!!

Updates :)

I realized that it has been FOREVER since I have written a new blog entry…..YIKES!! Well, I just wanted to share what all the Lord has been doing since the album release in June. I first want to say how incredibly humbled I truly am to have such an overwhelming amount of support for my music ministry. Whenever you step out and do something in faith it is always is a little scray at first. Faith is like a rubberband, it doesn’t work unless you stretch it. I’m glad that the Lord has been stretching my faith and taking me out of my comfort zone to greater serve Him. The Lord has really been opening alot of doors and I am so grateful! My band and I have had the opportunity to share the stage with some of our favorite artists, had numerous radio interviews, and have been on world wide television!!!! It almost seems unreal! Every aspect of this is to tell people about Jesus and knowing that He is behind all of this and making it happen is amazing! We also have just joined Jewel Artist Management and are so exited  to partner with them in ministry!! I heard this quote that applies to how I have felt recently. “When you are an Independent artist it is like you are trying to dig a ditch with your bare hands, but when you partner with a label or management agency they give you a shovel”. I really loved this analogy because when you are doing this Independently it really does feel like that! It is exausting, but soooo rewarding when you see the BIG picture of why you do what you do! Which is to encourge others to grow deeper in Christ. Thank you to all of you who continue to show your support and pray for my ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you and cause His favor to shine upon you!!

Spirit Song!

I just wanted to thank everyone that voted for us to play Spirit Song this year. Thanks to all of your support we won the competition!! We will get to  have the honor of sharing the stage with Skillet, Jeremy Camp and Family Force Five!! We will be playing on Friday July 8th at 3:45 p.m. We would love to see you there!! Thanks again and God bless!!:)

Need Your Vote!!!

Hi friends!!! The band and I really need you to vote for us to play Spirit Song this year! Spirit Song is a Christian music festival at King’s Island and if we won we would be able to minister along side of some really big bands in Christian music. If you have a few seconds follow the link below vote once a day till July 7th. Thank you all so much for your support and God bless!

Enjoy the Small Things

Sometimes life can feel like a juggling act, especially when you are a mom. Being a mom is the hardest job on the planet, but as hard as it is there is nothing more rewarding than having that little person smile up at you. My son (Isaiah) is turning 2 this July and all I can do is wonder where the time has gone? It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn! I wish more than anything I could bottle every single moment of my time with him. We have become such a busy society, everyday it seems like we are running a race. Sometimes we just need to take a moment and enjoy the little moments because they go by so quickly. Being a mother and a musician I am often guilty of this. I try to do a million things at one time and get frustrated when I don’t have the time to get everything done that I wanted to. Life is so busy at times, but even in the business try and make time for the small things and enjoy the time God has given you.