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About Brigitte Donoho

When asked what message she wanted to present to the world, Brigitte responded that she would love others to see that her music voices a heart of worship. “My one desire is to see lives changed and truly touched by the amazing love of Christ, and if I can be a vessel to show people how much God truly loves them then I’ve done what I was put here to do”. The passion Brigitte has for the Lord and others is clearly evident in her music and performances as she pours every ounce of energy into her worship.

Brigitte’s soon to be released sophomore EP “Children Of God” is her best work yet! Each song takes the listener directly into an intimate place of worship and stirs within a passion for getting into the Lord’s presence. With anointed vocals, thought provoking lyrics and soaring melodies, this album is a must have! “All of the songs on this album I wrote during my intimate prayer time, I truly give God all the credit, He would just pour the songs into and out of me”.

At a young age Brigitte felt the call of God on her life, but like so many do she ignored it. As a teenager she spiraled out of control, completely turning her back on God. While reluctantly attending a youth conference in California, Brigitte’s life was changed. The question was posed, “What would happen if you died tonight?” The question hit home with her and Brigitte realized that she must make up her mind to live her life as she should. From that point on, she was all in!

Since then Brigitte has known many blessings. She married her best friend and together they have 2 wonderful sons named Isaiah and Noah. Brigitte currently leads worship for her church’s Sunday morning services when not traveling for ministry.

Singing is something that has always been a passion of Brigitte’s but it wasn’t until 2007 that she began to write songs. For a few years she struggled with what direction her music should take until one day, in prayer, she finally realized it was time to let God have control of every aspect of her music. “I was still holding on to what I wanted to do, where I thought my music was heading, but the whole time God was waiting for me to say here it is, you have it Lord and do with it what you will.” After that the doors started to really open for her and she has been continuing to achieve success. Now, the sky is the limit for what the future has in store for this dynamic worship leader!